Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Willingness...How hard is it?

Good morning everyone!  What a wonderful day this is.  I have been up since about 3am thinking of today's schedule and my willingness to do what needs to be done.  You see, I have to go to 3 different doctors today and it is not always fun to hear what they have to say.  I think the problem is that I predict the future to be.... and most of the time they never happen.  Does that stop me from doing it over and over... NO!  I still dwell on them and try to make plans as if they have happened.  Last night someone sent me this picture and I had to save a copy of it.  I need to be reminded DAILY that I am not in control of my life...HP is.  His plans for my life are better than any I could ever dream of.  So, my plans for today are this... write down my food and send it to my sponsor.  Call her this evening and give her the results of the ultra-sound and echo and how the rest of my day off went.  Then on to physical therapy to get some guidance for my back pain.  I had surgery about 3 weeks ago and was to do physical therapy then, but things happened and I couldn't do it.  So, today we begin the process.
      Once I get home I am going to relax a bit, read some OA literature, and do some writing for our newsletter.  Then maybe take a nap.  I am beginning to love those naps HP is allowing me to have.  When I get up it is craft time.  Yes, I am a craft person too... love scrapbooking!  So I will be scanning the web for new ideas and things I can do to share with others.
    At the close of my day... I thank HP for all He has done.  He is an awesome God!  There are so many miracles happening in my life because I have finally turned my willingness over to Him.  It took a while to do it, but it sure was worth it!  I pray that you have a blessed day and one filled with your HP's very best for you!
Hugs... cd

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