Sunday, February 26, 2012

Faith or Fear?

Good morning all!  It is a wonderful Sunday morning and I am getting ready to head off to my place of worship for the day but thought I would share some thoughts with you first.  This coming week is going to be one that is already challenging my faith.  I am feeling the fears and wondering if I can handle them.  Truly I cannot do this alone!  I am so grateful for this program.  Let me share...
I found out that I have something that needs to be surgically removed and have been told that it is possible it could be cancerous.  They have done all the tests, ultrasounds, etc. and have assured me that it has only a 5% chance of being cancer... but my fears say that is a HUGE percentage.  Ok.  So, what if it is?  They have caught it in the early stages and will be removing it.  I have a good doctor and my HP cares about me, so why am I feeling this fear?  Because I am trying to do the controlling AGAIN!

I am so grateful that we are encouraged to get sponsors to share with. As I have gone through this, my sponsor has constantly reminded me of the faith that I have and how I need to keep looking there. There is NOTHING He and I cannot get through together.  We just have to walk hand in hand and it not be me pulling Him but Him hugging me and walking with me.

Thanks HP for the reminder this morning that You are the key to my success.  You make the way straight.  If there is a challenge in this, it is only to make me stronger in my faith.  Oh how I pray that I continue to ask for His guidance!  May you be strong in your faith today.
Stay blessed!  Cindy D

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