Monday, February 27, 2012

Anyone for a cup of coffee?

It's another day closer to surgery and I find that fear and faith are two of my closest friends.  At one minute I am feeling the fear, the next minute HP sends someone my way to remind me that faith is all I need!  This morning was another early morning.  I have been getting up at 2-3 am just to keep from waking my hubby.  He normally has trouble sleeping and I don't.  This week it is the other way around.  I have been the one up, walking the floors.  However, I have tried to make it a productive time by using it to work on crafts or by working on step-work.  It's amazing what you can learn when there are times like this!

Today I went to get my pre-admission testing done.  I was so stressed because I have been waiting on the results from my echo to come back and the doctor's office told me that it would be Wed. before I would hear from it.  Surgery is scheduled for Wednesday!  All I could see is them coming in at the last minute to tell me that I couldn't have the surgery due to some problem with my echo. (Me trying to run the show again!)  Well, as I stated the fear I was having to one of the nurses, she said I could relax.  She said that the nurse in charge of my case had already contacted the doctor's office where they were reviewing the echo and got the results.  All is well!!  Talk about relief.  I felt like a 100 pounds had just been lifted off my shoulders!  This nurse is a jewel. (and I told her so!) She came in and shared that she had experienced the surgery 1st hand and that I was going to be fine.  She answered all of my questions and even some that I didn't know to ask!  When I left there I felt like I had been talking with HP's helper and that I had nothing to fear.  All is going to be fine.  I am now confident of that.

It's funny how we know things and believe them, but sometimes we just have to go through things to get it to sink into our thick heads. (At least, I do!)  I know that God is in charge and that there is no need to fear... yet I was still very fearful.  Now I know that fear is what it is... it isn't something to worry over because even worrying over it will not change anything.  Only HP can do that!  So, HP take over... the driving is up to You!  You lead the way today and always! When I tend to get in the driver's seat (as I often try to do) remind me Who is in charge!  Thanks!

Who's driving your life events?  You or HP?  May your day be one filled with faith and not fear.  Hugs... Cindy

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