Friday, September 17, 2010

Concept 5 "Individuals have the right..."

Concept 5 gives the minority opinion the right to have their voices heard. For example, at an area assembly or an intergroup meeting, where a motion is passed, usually the chairperson will ask if there is anyone with a difference of opinion or if anyone disagrees with what has been said. The voter, or person who has the minority opinion has the right to give their opinion as to what they believe is true and why. Once they have stated their case the chairperson will ask if this has changed anyones vote. If so, another vote will be taken. There have been times when the minority has won over the majority just because they have spoken up and voiced their opinion.

There is also a right of appeal in which the persons vote can be reviewed and discussed at the next meeting. There the vote may be changed as well. It is always important for us to say what is on our minds. That helps keep our side of the path clean and free of any problems.

So... how is your mind today? Lots of clutter or is it clutter free? Remember to share your feelings. We cannot read your mind!

Hugs.... Cindy

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memoirs of this binge eating triathlete said...

Thank you for posting these & what they mean. I didn't know them. I've just found your blog & am enjoying it emensly.