Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Concept 4: "The right of participation..."

This concept means to me that it is important for those involved within the OA meeting (be it a board meeting, assembly, etc.)be involved in the decisions made. It is hard to be a part of something when someone else makes the decisions for you. For instance, at home I am usually the one delegated to make the ultimate decision as to what is for supper. I could always have my favorites, but then others wouldn't be real happy with me. I don't care for spicy foods and my hubby and son lofe them.
So, if I were to go with just my desires, there would never be any spicy foods. However, since I know that they both love spice foods, I sometimes attempt to buy of get from a special store the foods that they love. This I do mainly because I love and respect both of them... but it could also be because I consider them an equal.
For this concept, if I were to go to a meeting and say, "Everyone, we are going to do this my way and you will have to deal with it or get out," I probably would would see a few empty chairs real quick! I have to remember that we are all equals... we each have the same problem. God didn't make me any more special than He did you! None of us are God's junky leftovers. He made us each in a very special loving way. So... today I need to remember Who's child I am!
God is in control!

Till next time.... Hugs. CD

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