Sunday, May 02, 2010

Concept 3 " The right of decision..."

"The right of decision based on trust makes effective leadership possible."

How many of us trusted anyone when we came into our first OA meeting? I know I didn't trust many people, and those that I did, I had a close eye on watching to be sure that they didn't stab me again in the back. It seemed like I could never trust anyone again. Now, here in concept 3 we are asked to trust... or another good word for it could be to have faith in (Sound familiar??). We are asked to let go of the control reigns and let HP and the person we have delegated to do the job, do it. No longer are we to step in and oversee.

In our OA meetings as well as the business end of OA, we are asked to choose someone to lead and make decisions for our groups at World Service Office (WSO). We have looked at their qualifications and feel that they can do the job well. Once we have given them the job, we must trust them to do it with our full trust. I am reminded of times that various family members would give me jobs to do then stand over top of me while I did them, telling me every second how I was doing it wrong. There was NO trust in that. We MUST trust those we have given leadership positions. A good leader has to possess that. Don't discourage your leader... build them up! Till next time... cd

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An Irish Friend of Bill said...

Yes trust is a core issue for us 12 step folk :)
Nice to meet you SAbrat :) Lovely blog you have here :)

There is a nice young lady blogger who has been feeling lousy for a while now,in case you find time to stop by and say a few kind words. Her name is NOS