Friday, April 16, 2010

Concept 2 "The OA groups have delegated..."

Concept 2 "The OA groups have delegated to the World Service Business Conference (WSBC) the active maintenance of our world services; thus, the World Service Business Conference is the voice, authority and effective conscience of OA as a whole.

When I first got involved in 12 step groups, I shared with my sponsor how the concepts always seemed like Greek to me... I just didn't seem to understand what it was all about. She shared with me that the steps were for me, the traditions were for the family or the group and the concepts wer for the business end of the family or group. Once I put that into my head, things made more sense to me. So, today I will attempt to share with you what concept 2 says to me today.

Think back to your last group conscience meeting.... how did it go? Did everyone voice their opinion? How long were you there? When we thing of the WSBC, we should think of millions of people gathering together to share their opinion on how OA should be run as a business. In reality, there are not millions of people at the WSBC, but their voices are there. They have elected Trustees who carry their thoughts to the conference. There, they express what others have said to them. Imagine if we were all there. It would take a huge place for us all to stay, plus ti would probably take weeks for us to get just one item passed on the agenda. Do you have a year to site and discuss things? I don't. That is why we elect Trustees. They carry our voices to WSBC and share what we have agreed on within our groups. It is here at the WSBC that major OA decisions are made and carried out for our good.

Let's take a look at our families. As our children grow up, we don't ask them what they want to eat on a daily basis. We plan meals for the family based upone knowledge we have learned from doctors, magazines, our parents, and others. If the child doesn't like it, then we have options. We can choose to fix something else or let the child go hungry. I remember growing up we had to eat what was in front of us and like it. My parents knew better than I and I wasn't to question their authority. If they had asked each of us what we wanted, we would have had a dozen different types of foods at one meal. I think that is where it is important for someone to be in the leadership role. As parents, we do the best we can with the knowledge we have and pray that HP will take care of the rest. In OA, we give those Trustees who have had time and learning in the OA program our trust and ask that they carry our message to WSBC. Once there, they make the best choice with the information that they have. They are our Trusted Servants. Thanks Trustees!!

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