Friday, March 05, 2010

Concept 1 "Ultimate responsibility and authority..."

"The ultimate responsibility and authority for OA world service resides in the collective conscience of the whole Fellowship.”

Have you ever been given the responsibility to do something without being given the authority to go buy the items you needed to accomplish the task? I have. It isn’t easy to take on a job and not have the authority to fulfill it. OA has a business side that needs run on a daily basis. During that day, many decisions have to be made… sometimes within a moment’s notice. For instance, what do they put in the Lifeline and what do they reject? If they were to stop and ask all OA’ers the answer to that before doing the Lifeline… we would never have one! OA has a way of listening to all of their members voices. It is found by listening to the group representatives at Intergroup meetings, by listening to Trustee’s when they go to the World Business Conference Meeting annually, and by many other ways I am not even aware of. Aren’t you glad that they are listening to us? I am!

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