Sunday, July 26, 2009

Progress...Not Perfection

Hello there! It is Sunday here in WV and thought I would check in and say hello. Life has been rather good today. Went to church this morning and had a great time in our Sunday school class. I teach the young adults and we talked about getting wisdom. I really enjoyed hearing how they feel they can achieve wisdom and what the scriptures say about it. Of course, I had to use the Serenity Prayer with it because that is what I use the most. I find that if I ask HP for help (HP=God), then I will do the right things. He will always give me the wisdom I need IF I wait on Him to answer. My problem is doing the waiting. I HATE to wait!!! So, working the steps has helped me gain patience in waiting.

Someone told me that you can't trust God and worry at the same time. I truly believe that! When I find myself wanting to rush ahead or worrying about what might happen, etc. I use that saying to put me back on track. I need to always TRUST and not Worry.

So, for today... I am resting in His love, studying more on my step 4, and eating healthy foods. As I do the footwork, I pray for healing to come. Have a great Sunday and keep doing HP's will.

See ya soon! Cindy

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