Monday, May 26, 2008

Life and Death

Life has a way of getting us off track and forgetting the important things such as taking care of ourself. The last few months, that has been happening to me. I have found myself bogged down with taking care of everyone but me. Because of this, my desire to stop eating compulsively has went by the wayside. I have still been going to meetings, but I know that my program has gotten weaker. Today I choose life! Life for me and for my health.

I'm not sure if I told you on here, but August 2007, my mother was diagnosed with lung cancer. She had one treatment and got so sick that another one was out of the question. Well, she died last week. It has been a long journey, but she is much better now. She is where there is no more pain, no more disease, and no more sorrow. I envy her! It would be wonderful to be free of the earthly pains that we go through each day. Keep my family in your prayers.

As for me, I am trudging the road to "happy destiny" now. I am working the steps again and hope to comment on Tradition 4 real soon! Have a blessed day and thanks for caring about me!

Hugs....Cindy D in WV

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athenainaminivan said...

I will be praying for you. I have been there. It was 6 yrs ago in April that my mother was whole again and is now feeling good again.