Thursday, May 29, 2008

Tradition 4: Each group should be...

Tradition 4: "Each group should be autonomous except in matters affecting other groups or OA as a whole. "

We again look at the group for this tradition. In this one it is important to remember that we are united as a group, however, if a decision we make affects another group then we must consult them as well in the decision process. For instance, if our OA group decides that we are going to close each meeting with the "Lord's Prayer" it will affect only us. If we go to another group and try to impose our decision on it, that is affecting them. They have the choice to join us or to do their own closing. The point I am getting at is this, we can make decisions within our individual groups. However, if we choose to use things that are not approved by OA as a whole, we must consider the result it will have on everyone. Some may be offended, others may not care. The main this is that we all have a voice in the process.

Let's look at this from a "home front" view. Growing up I was always taught that parents were to treat each child as an individual, however, when christmas came, each person was to get the same money amount for their toys. My hubby was taught differently and thus he taught his children that way. When we became a family, they were quite suprised when I would have the same amount for each persons gift. They expected to get better than the other one because they had been good. Well, truth is... it didn't matter to me. I gave what I could and each person got equal amounts. Today they appreciate that, but it was a hard thing for them to understand when we married. Now I find his kids even doing the same thing with their children. (Amazing isn't it!)

So, how can you apply this to your groups? Do you try to stay united or is there division? One thing is for sure... a united group works best!

Have a blessed week. See ya next time!

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