Wednesday, March 14, 2007

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Noor Azman Othman GBE said...

Thanks for the invitation. Add mine already. Gonna have one too.

Greeting from Malaysia.

Michael said...

Message From Noor
I'm sorry, Michael. I'm in a Cyber Cafe in town right now. I can't get access to my Internet since last Friday's night. I guess my CPU was struck down by lightning. I forgot to take out the telephone line and I pay dearly for my carelessness.

I can't always go to my friends' house just to use their computer and this Cyber Cafe are using, most of them are using dial-up connection and it took ages for anything to get loaded. I didn't get the chance to visit all my Recovery Friends' blog and I hope you will spread the words around about my predicaments whenever you visit them.

I'm reaching out for your help to tell them all. You can use My Sacred Links to visit and leave a message on their blogs.

I don't know when I shall be online again. Still waiting for their technician to repair my PC. I was told it may take at least two weeks before I shall be online again.

Oo boy, how can you live without your beloved PC for two long weeks?

Please Michael, I'm counting on you. See you in two weeks time. Bye for now...