Monday, March 27, 2006

Step 4 "Fears"

The Big Book talks about facing your fears and learning what controls them. For me, I had many fears while doing my first inventory. There were the fears from my past, fears about my future and what it held for me, and then there were the fears I am facing today.

Would past fears come back and haunt me? Had I found them all? Here are a few of the ones I had... One fear I had was that I would not lose weight. Then there was the fear that I might lose too much weight. Would my hubby love me when I lost weight or would he decide I wasn't worth loving? The questions were many.

Today I still have fears. However, I relate to them differently. They no longer control me. I find that when I allow HP to control my life, good things come to me. Sometimes they don't always look good at first glance, but they eventually show that they are just what I needed. It amazes me how He works! He always supplies just what I need... just when I need it the most. I need not fear. He is in control.

Someone once told me that you could not worry and trust at the same time. I have found this to be true. There is no way I can be happy and trusting if I am worrying about the outcome of something. I remember fretting months over things and feeling like it was all my fault. These fears were because I didn't trust. Once I realized it and gave the problem to HP, it all worked out. I have also been told that when we worry we are playing God. We are telling God that we think He does not have all the answers and we can find them. That really put me in my place!

So... for today, "I put my hand in Yours..." How about you?

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Julie said...

I came across your post when I typed "step 4 fears" into google.
Im working my step 4....I have been for days...and today I was stuck in fear.
Thankyou so much for your post.
Im gonna get back to trusting and stop worrying.
Blessings to you