Tuesday, January 10, 2006

More on Step 1

This week we are still working on step 1. As we begin the week we are asked to say this prayer to help us understand where we are today.

Set Aside Prayer
"God, please help me to set aside everything I think I know about myself, my disease, these steps, and especially about You. I ask for an open mind so that I may experience a new attitude about myself, my disease, the steps and especially You. Remove all my preconceived ideas and help me to approach the program with an open mind. AMEN"

Today I realize how important this prayer is to me. I need to be reminded daily that I do not have the answers to everyone's problems... only God does! In the past I would try to fix your problem for you and suggest solutions to your problems without consulting God. Hey, I knew it worked for me... so it should work for you! Well, truth is... that isn't true! God works differently for each of us. He takes us as individuals and does what He sees best for us. What is good for me may not be good for you. So, I need to let God do His job and stay out of the way!

Our next assignment was to read some portions of the Big Book and share the areas that reflect different parts of our disease. I won't expound on them here, but just say that as an overeater, our disease is three fold. We have a disease that effects us spirtually, physically and mentally. This is similar to the alcoholic. That is why we use the Big Book. My next post I will center on this aspect of our disease and how it effects us.

Today I ask you... Have you totally admitted your powerlessness or are you still trying to play God? May you find the strength today to let go of your problems and let God handle them!

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