Tuesday, August 18, 2009

To Life!!

I saw this picture online and just had to have it. So many times I find myself wanting to share things with someone. Just our little secret. Then I soon find that what I just wanted to share with them, everyone knows about. It just isn't fair! Then I remember that I too probably am guilty of doing the same thing. I wonder why we expect others to do those things we cannot do. Is it just a normal thing to do that?

Well, today is a new day. I have to work till late this evening. I am really liking my new job here at Krogers. I wish that I could work more hours, but my legs tend to swell just with the 4-5 hrs. I do work. Maybe there is something else HP wants me to do. Time will tell!

Lately I have really been interested in the Jewish way of life. I have some Jewish friends and they are very helpful when I have a Bible question. I love learning about their traditions and etc. Yesterday I went to the library and got a book called "To Life". I have really enjoyed it. This book has really opened my eyes and started me to thinking again about life in general. Funny how just a book can make you start thinking about your beliefs and how everything works together for our good.

Just to give you an idea of what I am starting to think...

  • What would have happened if God had used another culture instead of the Jews to raise our Saviour?
  • Were Jews always around, when did they come into being?
  • Were Adam and Eve Jewish?

I hope to some day find the answers to these questions and probably many more. I love it when I have to search for answers. It lets me know that I am living as God wants me to live. I love the way the author describes Christians vs. Jews. He says that Jews are a community of people who love each other.... something like family. Christians however, are a group of people with the same belief who try to become a community yet find it impossible sometimes to do it. I totally understand where he was going with it. He says that if Jews disagree, they don't just change churches. They talk it out and learn where the other person is coming from. Christians seem to just go change churches or start a new one that will be like they think it should be. I found this to be true. WOW... I am learning so much!! Thanks HP!

As for my food, I think all this learning helps me to understand who I am in Christ and how He wants me to live life. If I live as if I am His temple, I will try to keep the insides clean and neat. However, if I live my life according to Cindy... it is usually a mess. I have chaos and nothing seems to work out. Knowing His will is amazing. I am trusting today that He will provide me with the foods I need to stay abstinent. I know He wants what is best for me... so I am trusting. As the saying goes.... You can't trust and worry at the same time!

So today... Trust and To Life are the words for the day!

Hugs.... Cindy

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