Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Tradition Five: Our Primary Purpose

Tradition Five:
Each group has but one primary purpose - to carry its message to the compulsive overeater who still suffers.

When I first came to OA, I thought that the primary purpose was to save the world of overeating! If I didn't get one person healed, then I was a failure. Well, today I am reminded of a really hard lesson I had to learn.

I had just got my first chance at being a sponsor and the person I was sharing with just seemed to not grasp anything I shared. It was like I was fighting a losing battle (no pun intended!) Well, when I talked with my sponsor, she reminded me of Who was in charge. Guess what? It wasn't me!! It was God (or HP as others call Him). When I let go of the results, I found that it didn't upset me how she did or didn't accept what I was offering. I was giving what I had and it was between her and her HP to grow from it.

This tradition says that our primary purpose is NOT to have everyone experience OA as we do. It says that we are to carry the message... PERIOD. The results are up to HP and the person He is talking with. That helps me to realize that I don't have to worry about the results of what I say. God will take what I have given out and use it to bring others to Him. It may not be in "my time" but it will happen!

Using this same tradition at home... I found that if my primary purpose was something that everyone else was not in agreement with it, we never accomplished it. For instance, my husband may want a new car but all I can see is those bills mounting up. We do not have the same goals in mind. How do we have a home of peace? We have to talk and agree upon a primary purpose. Most of the time, that takes talking and sharing how I feel inside. If I dont'' share, he will never know what is bothering me or why I just don't want that new car. But if I share about the bills and how they call me constantly about things not being paid, then he may understand why all I want is to get less debt. BUT I have to talk with him about it before we can agree.

This is also similar in church, work, etc. Wherever I go, I must find out what the primary purpose is of the group. Do I want to do that? If not, why? I need to share my thoughts with others and find a way to agree on something. Our purpose must be known and everyone in agreement with it. Only then can we grow as a group.

How is your group doing? Do you have a primary purpose or are there many purposes? Remember in OA our primary purpose is to tell the message to others. The results?? That is HP's business!


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