Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Step 10 "Continued to take..."

"Continued to take personal inventory and when we were wrong, promptly admitted it. "

This picture kind of says it all, doesn't it? I remember how hard it was for me to do my first inventory. I was so afraid to do it. I was afraid of what would come out of it, what I would have to learn or let go of. Now, we are asked again to take another one. I thought once should be enough... but then someone told me that it is kind of like cleaning house. Once is never enough! You straighten things up at home, do all the dusting, sweeping, moping, and even painting... then life happens and you find everything in a mess. The items that were once hanging neatly in the closet are now over the chair in the living room. The dust has again settled on the figurines that you have on the wall and on the desks. Life happened! Our lives are like that too. We clean the clutter when we do the first 4th step, but then things change in our daily walk. We have life to deal with.

I am so glad that one time doesn't do it. If I had to deal with all of the stuff in my life at one time, I would never make it. I think it comes down to the fact that God (or your HP) gives us the information we can deal with where we are. He never overloads us. As we work on one defect and try to get better, we don't seem to be overwhelmed with the total package. We allow Him to show us what we are ready to work on. Sometimes it is just being patient for the right time to come... to wait on His plan and not ours.

Today as you think of Step 10, look within. Is there something that God is trying to show you today that needs your reviewing? Allow Him to talk with you and give you what you need for today. Thanks to HP, this is done only "one day at a time"! We don't have to tackle it all at the same time.

May your day be blessed today!

Hugs.. Cindy


Charlie O. Edinburgh said...

Hey! Great to see you here... I have been looking for other OA blogs. Thanks for the encouragement!

John D said...


John D here...and gone in a sec...:)

OA?? what is oa? I know AA and I know NA, but OA????

come to think...how to contact me... flowerpet56 of yahoo dot com