Monday, July 01, 2013

Thanking God for You!

Hi everyone! Juat wanted to let you know that I am still here. It has been awhile since I posted anything online. OA seemed to not be so important to me the last few months due to illness. I felt so overwhelmed with the pain I am going thru that I really didn't want to do anything about my abstinence or OA. Now I am getting better and realize that I need OA and all of my friends who support me. This is the start of a new day... a day of abstenance!
I thank God that He never left me alone. I wanted to be that way... at least I thought I did. Instead I felt a real need for someone to need me. or to get me back to my meetings. Part of my problem was me. I didn't want to face anyone and let them know that I had lost my abstinence. Our life was in a turmoil. We had bills and no money to pay them, so I didn't care if I were abstenent or not. What I was concerned about was dr visits and no money to pay them. I have been trying for disability since last September in the hope that with that we will make it. I have already been denied 3 times and have now got a lawyer. I hope that helps it to get approved soon so I can get these bills off my mind.
One miracle did happen while I have been offline. A friend paid the money I needed to get my taxes caught up. I am going to pay her bac as soon as I can. I didn't ask her for it, she just did it. I am so thankful for friends like her. It was good to know we wouldn't be evicted. So I am a believer that if we ask, God will supply our needs. He has been so good to me.
Tell me about your time while I've been gone. I look forward to hearing from you!

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Amish Fiction Writer Sicily Yoder said...

Prayers. I am healing from a car wreck from more than two years ago and know the pain can make you depressed at times. I am a Christian writer and know all about taxes.