Saturday, March 03, 2012

Keys to Acceptance - HP is Amazing!

March has arrived!  With it has come the rain, wind, and (not yet but probably) snow.  This box may seem a bit strange to you, but after reading my blog I hope you will understand where I was coming from.  It has been a strange few weeks. My sponsor has been sharing with me some things she would like to do for a workshop that she is going to in May or June.  The theme is "Acceptance is the key".  You have probably heard this statement before if you are familiar with the AA Big Book (page 449 (first 3 editions, pg. 417 in the 4th edition) .  She has been looking for keys in various places and hasn't been able to find the exact one she wants.  Well, she told me and it seems that HP wanted me to do her shopping for her!  I never knew there were so many things that had keys on them! I found a bunch of pictures in frames that were of keys in various sizes.  Nice but not exactly what she wanted.  Found some keys on a little pillow that you put in the microwave to heat for massaging...only $3.00!  Then she said she would like to have a big key to use as a conversational piece.  That has been the hardest thing for me to find.  However, I went to a store that my boss at work suggested and found the most adorable makeup case with keys all over it! When I showed her the picture of it, she loved it. Oh... the price for it was only $15.00!  I was amazed. So, that is the reason for the box above!  HP has answered our prayers.
    Yesterday I went to Michael's after going to the doctor.  Just felt like I needed to take some time alone to relax.  Well, before leaving I felt a nudge pulling me towards the basket area.  I never go over there!  Well, guess what I found... Yes... another key!  This time it is 15 inches and very heavy.  I'm going to mail it to her today.  Oh... price was $7.50!  Unreal isn't it!  I am truly amazed at how things worked out for her. HP surely has been busy!
    Just to update you on my surgery... All went well. In fact, it went great!  The doctor went to do the biopsy of the pallup and it wasn't even there! She said apparently it was just a shadow in the ultrasound and they had thought it was the real thing.  I believe my HP was working and got it taken care of before she got there!  That I can believe!
    Well, I need to do some work around the house. Just wanted to let you know how HP has been blessing me this week and that I am doing fine.  You have a great week!!  I will be keeping you in my prayers.  Remember... all we have to do is ask and He hears our prayers!

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Nurse said...

Glad that you will be okay.