Friday, February 16, 2007

Life is a Journey...

... not a destination!

When I first saw this coin my first impulse was to say... NO! It is a destination, it is where I want to go. As I have been working the steps in my life, I see where it is a journey. The journey takes us in many directions. Sometimes to places we would rather not go! Today I am learning that the choices I make each day help to direct the path I will go that day. Am I going on the road to recovery or am I back doing the things that keep me in my overeating? Have I truly committed my will and life over to the care of the God of my understanding?

I have been thinking a lot about the word journey lately. What did I bring with me on this journey? What baggage am I still carrying around? It amazes me that as I let go of some of the things I once thought were important in my life, they become unneccessary and I really don't miss them. Today I am looking within and checking out what my baggage holds for today. I pray that they are not too heavy because I don't want them to slow me down on the journey. I know that I am not perfect by no means... but I am doing the best I can for today. That is all He requires of us! So... with that, I will turn this day over to Him.

I want to be just where HP wants me to be today. How about you?


Noor Azman Othman GBE said...

That's what My Journey To Recovery is all about.

Keep on posting.

Katy said...

Hey Lady!!!

I've been away from blogging for a few months and realized that in doing so I also allowed myself to slowly get "away" from my program after 6 months of abstinence (cunning & baffling disease.)

I still haven't binged, but I haven't been keeping in line with MY personal guidelines for absinence, so I made the decision to begin again.

So here I am, starting again and committing to post at least once every 2 weeks. I'm also going to keep in contact with the people on my "Motivation & Inspiration" list... And since you're one of them and I haven't talked you in forever... I wanted to stop by and catch up!!!

I've always enjoyed reading what you have to say... It's great to simply see how you and all the other fantastic people on here deal with day to day stuff.

I'm looking forward to reading more and cheering you again too!!!